Field Trips

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s Field Trips

  • Field Trip 1 – Dairying in Dumfries

Located in the South West of Scotland Dumfries and Galloway is one of the main dairying areas in Scotland.  This trip will focus on dairy farming and will include a trip to the SRUC dairy research centre where you will be able to see the Langhill Herd, which has been recognised internationally for research into dairy systems since 1970.

  • Field Trip 2 – Research & Knowledge Exchange in Midlothian and the Scottish Borders

This Field Trip will take you to the outskirts of Edinburgh and onto the Scottish Borders to see farms which are or have been actively involved in research and knowledge exchange.  A highlight will be a visit to the SRUC beef and sheep research centre which is home to the GreenCow project with its facilities to measure methane emissions from livestock.

  • Field Trip 3 –  A traditional Estate in the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders is located in the South of Scotland, on this trip you will find out more about traditional estates.  These are agri-businesses which typically farm part of their land (land that is “in hand”) and let out other parts on tenancy agreements.  The history of Scottish Estates is rich and interesting, these businesses and their tenants face unique challenges.

  • Field Trip 4 – From Farm to Fork in the Central Belt

This trip into the central belt of Scotland will allow you to see a mixture of farming and processing businesses and will focus on the food supply chain ‘from farm to fork’. This area is the most populated in Scotland and extends west from Edinburgh towards Glasgow, farming close to urban conurbations has its own challenges while good transport links have benefits for processers. 

  • Field Trip 5 – Adding value in East Lothian

East Lothian located to the South of Edinburgh, has some of the most fertile soils in Scotland, allowing a wide variety of crops to be grown.  Being close to major centres of population local farmers also have good opportunities to engage directly with customers.  On this trip you will have the opportunity to see how some local businesses are making use of this opportunity and adding value to their produce.

  • Field Trip 6 – Specialist cropping in Perthshire

Perthshire is one of the most beautiful regions in Scotland and is well known for its high value cash crops including potatoes, vegetables and soft fruit.  During visits to some of the farms in this area you will find out more about the production of these crops in Scotland and innovations that have enabled it to develop.

  • Field Trip 7 – Farm diversification in Fife

Field Trip 7 will take you across the new Queensferry Crossing into Fife.  Here we will visit farms which have chosen diversification as a route to generating additional income to expand or secure the business.  There are a great variety of enterprises as this area is close to several large populations, has good quality land and has a well established tourism sector.

  • Field Trip 8 – Hill and Upland Farming in Stirlingshire

On this trip you will head North West from Edinburgh to visit hill and upland farms in Stirlingshire.  At SRUC’s Hill and Mountain Research Centre there is lots to see including studies on biodiversity and technologies that can assist in the management of extensive livestock.  Please note there is also a visit to the Hill and Mountain Research Centre on the post-congress tour.